All nurses, working in health facilities all over Sierra Leone, rendering nursing care to patients and implementing community-based health programmes at district and peripheral levels are encouraged to join the Sierra Leone Nurses Association.

The Association runs monthly meetings for general members and organises conferences and workshops for members and other stakeholders of the Association.

Application for membership is through the SLNA Secretariat and the Board of Nurses and Midwives ONLY, and is open to all nurses working in Sierra Leone.

The Association also welcomes retired and returned Diaspora nurses, who have a continuing commitment to the research and development of nursing in Sierra Leone, as associate members. In order to qualify for membership of SLNA, the following criteria should be fulfilled:

1. The applicant must be a practicing nurse or midwife in Sierra Leone (see the section on Know your membership in the Information Handbook), or a retired nurse or midwife committed to the objectives of the Association.

2. Have a continuing commitment to the improvement of conditions for nurses and enhancement of nursing in Sierra Leone.

3. Must keep up-to-date with monthly membership dues at all times. Failure to do so may result in removal of membership benefits.

Upon registration with the Board of Nurses and Midwives, members pay a full year's subscription to SLNA. At the completion of this year, the Secretariat will contact and inform each member that their subscription is about to expire. It is thereafter the responsibility of the member to renew their membership. At the expiration of membership, the member's rights to SLNA'S benefits will be removed.


Direct from Source
Dues will be deducted directly from memberís personal bank account monthly or annually. Complete the HSWU authorisation form at the National Secretariat to give your consent. Contact the Administrative staff at the Secretariat for more information.

Direct to SLNA bank account
Member can pay dues into SLNA's account at any Commercial Bank on or before payment due date. Sierra Leone Commercial Bank, Liverpool Street Branch, Account No: 002230318 Account Name: SLNA

At SLNA Secretariat
Member can pay dues at 16 Fort Street Office on or before payment due date with membership card. Pay to SLNA Administrator with membership card and fees at: 16c Fort Street Freetown, Freetown, P.O. Box 521. Opening times: Every Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.

Payment to SLNA Treasurer
Member can pay dues directly to the SLNA Treasurer at her office, with membership card. Pay to Mary Massaqoui at Connaught Hospital Lightfoot Boston Street Freetown.

Payment to SLNA representative at District level
Member can pay dues directly to the SLNA representative with membership card. Pay to OFFICIAL SLNA representative (please see representative names and contact details sheet) with membership card.

SLNA's 50th birthday celebrations

More Information
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View Executive Council the SLNA Information Handbook


Full membership is open to:
Graduate Nurses, RN, SCM, SECHN
Annual payment: Le 60,000
Monthly payments: Le 5,000

Associate membership is open to:
MCH Aides, Nursing Aides, Student Nurses, Retired Nurses
Annual payment: Le 30,000
Monthly payments: Le 2,500

Please note that in order for application forms to be processed; all parts of the form must be completed in full. Additional information may be requested for the completion of membership. After application has been submitted, please allow at least 28 days before receiving your membership card.

The following forms can be accessed from the SLNA Secretariat at 16c Fort Street, Freetown, from the Board of Nurses and Midwives, or from SLNA district representatives:

Form A:
New Membership Form (for newly registered nurses)
Form B:
Tracking Membership form (for re-registering members)
Form C:
Volunteer Registration form (for any member wishing to become a volunteer)
Form D:
External Volunteer Registration form (for unregistered persons wishing to volunteer)
Form E:
Diaspora Registration form (for Nurses and other health professionals in Diaspora)