Information for Members

As a member of the Sierra Leone Nurses Association, your role is to participate actively in the work of the Association and adhere to the SLNA code of professional conduct. The member is expected to support the association through prompt and full payment of monthly dues and in turn, SLNA will work to improve the lives of health workers.


As a registered and licensed nursing professional, who has received high quality education, having acquired specialised knowledge and skill, you have a duty of care and support to individuals, families and communities in need of preventative, supportive and restorative help. As a result of your professionalism, you have been registered as a member of the Sierra Leone Nurses Association. Your duty as a nurse and a member is to provide care in a manner which enhances the quality of the profession and protects the interests of patients and individuals.

Relationship and Responsibilities to Patients
A nurseís responsibility is to people who require nursing care. A nurse is expected to provide a safe and supportive environment for all of his or her patients, in which their values, customs and religious beliefs are respected. A nurse therefore ensures that a patientís personal information is kept in confidence and exercises good judgment on when and where to share the information.

Professional Relationships and Responsibilities
A nurse is expected to take an active role in supporting any action to develop the health and social needs of the public. A nurse must be willing to work cooperatively in a team, share skills willingly and respect and treat colleagues fairly.

Maintenance of Integrity and Professional Standards
A nurse must conduct himself or herself professionally with integrity at all times, and present themselves in the correct uniform and with the highest decorum at all times, contributing to the positive image and development of the profession.

A nurse must aim to provide high quality health service to all patients. A nurse has the personal responsibility to therefore practice safely and maintain high standards through evidence based practice and continuous educational development wherever possible.
A complaint or concern of the following natures can be reported to the Administrative Assistant at the SLNA Secretariat:
  • Major issues and complaints to the MOHS.
  • Issues concerning working conditions and welfare of nurses at workplace.
  • Misconduct by a nursing professional.
  • Complaint about member of the SLNA Executive and management teams.

Complaints and concerns should be presented to the SLNA secretariat in a formal typed letter with details of concerns explained in text. Please note that letters are treated confidentially and can be submitted anonymously, however for major issues which need to be passed on to the MOHS, complaints may need to be submitted formally with a signature. If you would like information on how to create a formal letter, please contact the SLNA secretariat.

All issues and complaints will be logged and followed up. Please remember to leave a forward
ing address if you wish to be informed about the progress on how SLNA deals with the issue. Please note that not all issues will result in an action due to its sensitivity or dependency on resources.

SLNA takes the views of its members very seriously. If you would like to give us feedback on any of our services, please call the Association on 078818839 or 077588222, or email your comments to:

A complaint or notification of misconduct arising from a health facility or board, against a member of the Association, or from breaching of the SLNA Code of Professional Conduct will be considered and may be referred to the National Executive Council for review. A substantiated complaint may result in the suspension or termination of SLNA membership.

Misconduct includes:
  • Proven Fraud or dishonesty.
  • Conviction for any other criminal offence.
  • Proven Professional negligence.

Other area of misconduct that may result in suspension of membership includes:

  • Breach of SLNA Professional Code of conduct.
  • Failure to pay over 3 monthsí membership dues without authorisation from the President of SLNA.
  • Expulsion from any other professional association or regulatory body on the grounds of misconduct.